Monday, 8 September 2014

Süpercül 'X to the power of n'

Back after a four year break I present the first album by Süpercül! Designed for the dancefloor 'X to the power of n' is a mix of techno, house, drum and bass and a whole host of other weirdness.

01 Je m'appelle Süpercül
02 Fireminds
03 Musix
04 The Freakz
05 Irreducible Complexity
06 Mantra
07 Predator No.1
08 MDMA Music
09 State of Control
10 Fastback
11 I Kre8 U
12 Effusion
13 Prime Mover
14 Creature Feature
15 Transmattermogrification

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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Heavy Horn Action 'Psychatomicatastrophenomentalmindmanipulation'

The return of Heavy Horn Action.
Back at last after four years away Heavy Horn Action returns for a trip to the edge of the known sonic universe and beyond.

The story so far...
Warped to another dimension following an accidental atomic blast, transformed by cosmic rays into a being of pure mental energy the only way left to communicate with the people of earth is by means of the manipulation of atomic particles to produce...sound waves.

Now listen on!

01 Prelude to the Brain Wave
02 Master Plan
03 Jacques' Dub
04 Mandatory Hallucinatory
05 Power of Dreams
06 Only the Meek
07 Going Solo
08 Bliss Pillows
09 The Id
10 Strangers from the Sky

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Empiricalist - Projectmixes

A fun side-project of mine, hopefully I intent to produce a least one of these mix tracks a month.
Each track is it's own self-contained mix of a few ideas I've thrown together to see where they end up. As each track is, currently, at 120bpm they can all be easily mixed together to form one long continuous mix.
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Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Beastman 'Beware the Beastman'

Hard and heavy beats, with a theme influenced by a certain film about apes taking over the world. Plus two remixes I did just for the hell of it.

01 Beware the Beastman
02 Beware the Beastman (Dub Remix)
03 Beware the Beastman (Acid House Remix)

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Visceral Now "In the Realm of the Unreal" (2007)

This a demo of some "old school" Acid House created, unlike the previous two albums I have posted, purely on synths, the main synth in question being a TB303 clone.

Whereas the Heavy Horn Action and Midnite Classix albums were exercises in sampling and creating sound collages this album is all about pure tune writing (no samples here) and nostalgia for one of my favourite forms of music, Acid House. Which is surely about due for a revival any time now!

In keeping with the retro theme I've kept the music deliberately sparse, many of my favourite tunes from the late 80's/early 90's were made using a couple of synths, a drum machine and some effects, so that's the kind of sound I was aiming for here.

"Dance" music this isn't though, although you could probably freak out to a few of the tracks. This is Acid House done like it should be, deep and trippy.

01 - Pea Souper
02 - Acid Test
03 - Nether Regions
04 - Nitefear
05 - Phreaker
06 - Acid Drops
07 - Dark Matter
08 - Mystic Acid
09 - Acid Rephlux

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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Heavy Horn Action "Hyperbolikaleidoscopsychedelic Freakout!" (2006)

Ok, now for a demo from early 2006.
Definitely a more laid-back vibe to this demo disc, heavily influenced by 60's psych, Sci-Fi and general weirdness.

Strap in and get ready for a journey to the hinterlands of the mind as you listen to this soundtrack to an imaginary future utopia gone wrong.

01 - Intro
02 - Hyperbolikaleidoscopsychedelic Freakout!
03 - Infernal Machine vs The Creative Flow
04 - Feel Like Just A Number
05 - Superpseudointellectual
06 - Hour of the Indivisible Now
07 - Think 2
08 - Lose Your Mind
09 - Think What I Thought When I Thunk
10 - Subliminal Song
11 - Name Your Poison
12 - Think 1
13 - Falling Back To Earth
14 - Entropy (And The Ending Of Everything)

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Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Midnite Classix "Feeding The Thin Air" (2004)

A psychedelic trip through a variety of musical styles from Ambient to Drum'n'Bass, with a little Dub, Trip Hop and Jazz thrown in for good measure. Something for both the mind and the body, yep this album has it all. Slabs of groove so solid you could lay a patio with 'em, plus tunes and stuff.

The music on this particular demo disc comprises the first material I composed using a PC alone, as opposed to the racks of horrendously expensive electronic equipment I used to use.
Hopefully the results stand up for themselves so there's little need for me to rattle on any more about it.

Enjoy responsibly, under adult supervision.

The tracklisting:
01 - Welcome To The Future
02 - (U.R.) Brutal
03 - B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C.
04 - Classical Gas
05 - Ply
06 - Nuclearwinterwonderland/More Music
07 - Psychonaut
08 - Autumn Of Your Soul
09 - Don't Trust The Human
10 - Time To Evolve
11 - A Borrowed Mind
12 - Punish The Machine
13 - Attack Of The Space Hippies
14 - To The Stars

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