Sunday, 21 February 2010

Heavy Horn Action 'Psychatomicatastrophenomentalmindmanipulation'

The return of Heavy Horn Action.
Back at last after four years away Heavy Horn Action returns for a trip to the edge of the known sonic universe and beyond.

The story so far...
Warped to another dimension following an accidental atomic blast, transformed by cosmic rays into a being of pure mental energy the only way left to communicate with the people of earth is by means of the manipulation of atomic particles to produce...sound waves.

Now listen on!

01 Prelude to the Brain Wave
02 Master Plan
03 Jacques' Dub
04 Mandatory Hallucinatory
05 Power of Dreams
06 Only the Meek
07 Going Solo
08 Bliss Pillows
09 The Id
10 Strangers from the Sky

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